Monday, 9 November 2015  |  Investment
The Importance Of Investing
Dear friends of Summit Capital, as you carry on reading this article, it will either scare you off or give you a very good insight of what your savings will become 10 years down the road.

All of us know about inflation. But do you really know how it affects our savings and daily life?

According to Yahoo! Finance, we are paying 145% more for Fuel Oil and other Fuels (For Home) compared to what we used to pay for 10 years ago. This is just one of the items quoted among many others.

Do you think prices will continue to rise higher over the next 10 years or will it remain the same?

This is inflation. Prices will only get higher over time and food, housing, expenses will all unavoiably become increasingly unaffordable for some. It might be tough for you if you think about it. But how much tougher will it be for your future generations to come?

But the good news is, Inflation can also be an asset to you if you know how to leverage on it. Because of inflation, certain investments will give you very good returns and history has already proven this to us time and again.

Let us take a guess.

Which is the safest way to invest so we can leverage on inflation over a period of 10 years:

A: Future Options
B: Stock Indexes
C: Property
D: Fixed Deposits

  As mentioned earlier in this article, inflation will definitely erode your savings over time if you do not invest and grow your money faster than the average inflation rate.

Keeping $100,000 safe in the bank over a period of 10 years will only depreciate the value as inflation erodes it with time.

Time and time again, Singapore has been ranked the World's MOST Expensive City to live in by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

But what have you been doing about it.

Are you plainly complaining about it but yet doing nothing to deal with the situation?

Or you will like to take action and start investing to leverage on inflation and grow your savings, net worth, retirement funds but just do not know how to begin?