Masters of Success

Powerful Lessons & Global Insights From The World's Greatest Minds

Since its introduction, the Masters of Success has hosted on stage, iconic speakers and legendary influencers including the likes of Richard Branson, Michael Franzese and Andrew Matthews to discuss epic ideas and share profound lessons that impact the lives of millions around the world. Delegates from around the region gather to learn from the best-in-class of business, management, leadership, wealth creation and peak performance. The M-O-S has also sparked a reputation for introducing world-class practitioners and industry leaders whose track record inspires life-transformational results in peoples lives. 


A New Way Of Looking At Money & Building Multiple Passive Income Streams For Life

Have you ever considered other ways of securing your financial future besides what traditional jobs offer? Has the value of your savings decreased due to inflation or are you investing your time and money in the right places that will multiply in value and grow overtime? If the recent recessions has taught us anything, is that learning to create passive income has never been more important than before. At this epic wealth creation seminar, you'll discover the best growth practices for increasing your personal income and capacity to achieve your financial goals sooner than later. 

Thriving in Turbulent Times Seminar by Dato' Joey Yap

Discover What Destiny Has In Store In The Coming Year

Each year, thousands of people from diverse background around the world look forward to this highly anticipated annual international seminar to gain awareness of Feng Shui afflictions, gather auspicious dates and useful tips with a comprehensible perspective on how astrology plays a significant role in terms of luck, health, relationships, finances and more in the new year. Lucky attendees are treated to a spontaneous live consultation from the stage, based on their personal astrology chart and forecast.

Secrets Of The Riches

From Impossible To Unstoppable: Paradigms Of The Rich And Famous

Have you ever wondered how some people achieve financial success easier, while others struggle? It comes down to this; successful people live by a different code, a code that defines who they are and what they stand for. They swear by a proven guide of wealth creation principles that most people spend a lifetime searching for, but not knowing where to begin. Truth is, the rich are no smarter than the rest of us. But they know the secret to wealth begins with asking the right questions in money and business. No matter where you are in life now, S-O-T-R is designed to help you reach your true potential and take your life and business to the next level.


Business Systems Mastery

Hacking The Blueprint Of The World's Finest Entrepreneurs & Companies

This masterclass produces world-class winning cultures, teams and business systems that results in a more profitable company despite how the economy performs. At this business transformational mastermind, you'll learn to use advanced tools, techniques and concepts to guide your company and team to shape and achieve considerable milestones that will move your business forward. New or aspiring entrepreneurs should also attend this masterclass to gain an unfair advantage and early insights to what really drives business profits and growth that stands the test of time.


Power Presentation Bootcamp

Advanced Performance Training To Conquer Your Fears & Command Your Presence

Are you finding it hard to clearly communicate your ideas and offers to potential buyers even though you have a winning product or a brilliant strategy? Do you often get cold-feet speaking to a crowd, while constantly worrying about what your audience thinks of you? The deal-breaker lies, in fact with the fear of public speaking, as ranked among the top reasons why most people fail to deliver impactful presentations that resulted in lost opportunities. PPB is a must-attend training for any serious entrepreneur, salesperson or leader of people who wants to perform at their highest level to win over even the most resistant audience.